Saturday, May 8, 2010

TREASURE FESTA in Ariake 3 - Report - Part 03

Hi! Josh here. This is the final entry of the TF in Ariake 3 photo report. Lots of dealers, lots of figures and kits, so little time (and camera skills -____-), but I hope you like it so here we go. 

TREASURE FESTA in Ariake 3 - Report - Part 02

Hi! Josh here. The second part of the TF report with more dealers and more figures.

TREASURE FESTA in Ariake 3 - Report - Part 01

Hi everyone! Josh here. It's finally Saturday here in Japan. And while TF was this past Tuesday, I was really busy after I returned to Nagaoka to even think on how to build-up this report. Many interesting things to see, and buy, at Tokyo Big sight. So, I would like to present you a photo report about it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

[Kit News]: Bakemonogatari - Hanekawa Tsubasa by T's System

Hi! Josh here. Some new photos of one of T's System's (odd double possessive form) latest offers. From one of the most interesting shows/slide-presentation having aired out lately, here comes a compellingly looking kit of one of the main character's during the "Tsubasa Neko" arc.  

Saturday, May 1, 2010

[Kit News]: To Heart 2 - Kouno Harumi by Kaguyahime

Hi! Josh here. More kits to come on the upcoming TF. This time the spotlight belongs to a character from the legendary To Heart multimedia universe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Kit News]: Macademi Wasshoi! - Falcé the Variablewand by Simakaze

Hi! Josh here. From the light novel and animation series that combines lots and lots of parodies of a combination between anime cliché and otaku culture, here comes a very unexpected, but none the less welcome, resin kit.

[Kit News]: Shining Force Feather - Alfin by Moguranoyama

Hi! Josh here. Another entry of the upcoming Treasure Festa with more works that I think deserve a little more attention. This time we pass into the realm of videogames to present a character from the already long-running "Shining-" series of games.

[Kit News]: K-On! - Hirasawa Ui by Yamanekotei

Hi! Josh here. The search for new and interesting works of those least well-known artist and subjects continues as the Treasure Festa is at a week minus one day to start. In this entry's spotlight, we have some prototype shots from one of most popular animation series of the time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Work-In-Progress]: 1/8 Xenosaga Ep. 1 KOS-MOS

Hi! Josh here, again. Ok, Ok, I kinda feel that I have not made too much of an effort to present what would be my actual personal works. Right now actually I have exactly one plastic model, one resin kit and one sculpture in progress. In the meanwhile that I can arrange some photos, I'll comment a little about the sculpture. In this WIP I intend to bring to life the character of KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series of games.

[Kit News]: Digimon - Omegamon Full Action Kit by Yamataikoku no Oka

Hi! Josh here. The Treasure Festa officials have recently published a full list of the participating dealers to this upcoming event. Most of them have links to there blogs/websites so I'm right now looking for some good stuff to share with you all (and building up my wish list). So I think I'll make some "Kit News" posts in the next days before the event.


Hi! Josh here. Golden Week starts very soon, and so is one of the most recently established events in Scale Modeling here in Japan. The 3rd Treasure Festa (TF) in Ariake will take as usually in Tokyo Big Sight in the artificial island of Odaiba on May the 4th (Tuesday) from 10:00am to 5:00pm (expecting people making line from 6:00am or so).

I'll make the long trip from Nagaoka to Tokyo in order to present you the latest works in Garage Kits from the participating dealers. Nah, just kidding, I'll be there to get my hands on some nice new resin kits. But taking photos and reporting what I see is a nice consequence I guess. 

While I would like to previously inform you about the upcoming items for this event, it quiet seems that most dealers are just like me and don't do too much to keep our blogs all that updated. I'll try to find a few things, though. Nevertheless, I hope keep you informed of what I see in this TF, and maybe take some decent photos this time ( ': S). So please stay tuned for more very soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You can now add your comments in each Post! :D

Hi! Josh here. Just recently I noticed that, because I was using a custom template to create the weblog, no one could actually post comments due to something missing in the code or something  like that. Now, I'm no programing expert, but thanks to the guys that run blogger I was able to use one of their templates with comments input enabled. I'm still thinking on adding a few more personal touches here and there, but I hope you like the blogs new look.

Regarding comments, I would appreciate very much your feedback in the future. Also I would like to hear your ideas or know about similar works in scale modeling, figures and/or art in general, and maybe have friendly discussions about those topics. At the same time, I would like to request from you to conduct yourselves with respect and maturity in order to avoid trolls and/or spammers.  

So, looking forward for your comments. See you then.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[Kit News]: Xenosaga III - MOMO by Framework

Hi! Josh here. I would like to dedicate a little section to bring some news about future kits and figures to be released in coming events here in Japan. While most people are doing this too all over the Internet, I cannot help but to notice that some Artists still need a little more diffusion. Very especially among non-Japanese speakers. 

Anyway, today's spotlight of attention comes to Framework, the circle who brought us the Akari Himuro (from Night Wizard!) figure for the first WF of the year 2010. Now they seem to be working in some projects involving the Xenosaga series of games. The following picture shows the work-in-progress of a new figure representing M.O.M.O., one of the main characters, as she appears in the last installment of the series. 

The comments indicate to check for updates, and that most probably this kit will be present in the WF of summer in the month of July. And personally, I'm looking forward to see this figure completed. While there are no comments on the scale, it is my inference that it will be non-scale as the previous kit of Akari (which seems will be available also in summer time!).

The link to Framework's web diary is available in the Links section. If one access their page and goes to the link beneath "board", you will find some photos and comments (in Japanese) which reveal the progress of a KOS-MOS ver. 3 figure as she appears on the third episode of the game series. I'll fill for any news about the completion of these works, so I invite you to stay tuned.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Model Kit]: 1/100 MG ZGMF X10-A Freedom

Hi Josh here. OK, first things first, I really haven't made too much time yet in order to actually do stuff, but I just happened to rediscover one of my old kits, which I just happened to bring with me in the flight to Narita. It's the Zero Gravity Mobile Fighter X10-A Freedom from the series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. This unit becomes one of the main mechas at the second half of the series.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter)

Hi! Josh here. OK, enough of snowy weather, this is about Scale Modeling! And while I'm style arranging some things, I would like to show to you what I bought in this past Wonder Festival at the Makuhari Event Hall in Chiba, Japan.

Welcome to My Web Log!

Hi! Josh here from the cold and snowy lands of Nagaoka, in the Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It has been a colder winter this season 2009-2010 as compared to the last one. In 2008-2009 it was the first time for me to see the snow and it was such a great show. I've been living in the University Dormitories for over a year, and sometime this year I'll have to move to an apartment. In the meanwhile, I've experienced a great deal of things concerning Japan, its people and its culture.

In this case, and the main purpose for creation of this blog, I would like to share some experiences concerning Japan's Scale Modeling Culture. At the same time, as I get more immersed in the various types of techniques they use here, I would like to feel the commitment to continue developing my art and show it to whoever might be interested.

At the same time I would like to take the opportunity to express myself and give my appreciation of art as I see it in my works and the works of others; that is why I chose the name MetaRealia for the Title of this blog. "MetaRealia" is a portmanteau that I thought of from the term "Metarealism", a type of art direction created in Russia, which stands for "Metaphorical" realism. I personally don't follow exactly this direction in particular, but metaphors have been used since ancient times to transmit a message. And I believe that you can teach others through the use of objects as an aid to transmit your message. "Realia" is a term used to describe such objects and, thus, I came up with such a term.

It might be a slow beginning as I put some oil into the old gears, but I hope to have this running as soon as possible. So thank you for taking the time to come and please keep tuned for more to come in the future.