Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Kit News]: Shining Force Feather - Alfin by Moguranoyama

Hi! Josh here. Another entry of the upcoming Treasure Festa with more works that I think deserve a little more attention. This time we pass into the realm of videogames to present a character from the already long-running "Shining-" series of games.

I think the "Shining-" games, like the "Tales of-" and "Summon Night" games, are those the have well managed to preserve the "anime-like" style of character design in videogames nowadays. With the upcoming avalanche of HD media, it is no wonder that the industry manages to put over realistic graphics to feed the gross of the market that demands them and now can't live without them.

Personally, I was never too fond to ultra realistic looking games. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, but whenever I try to play them I like something completely out from the creativity and imagination of whoever can bring interesting looking characters, and adding an interesting setting and story is always a plus. Although, I don't remember having ever tried a "Shining-" game before, I can still have some appreciation towards it (like Shining Wind) in the sense that the work of the artist by itself tells a story. Anyway, before I start talking all my mind again, let's go to the subject.

This kit is brought to us by もぐらのやま (Moguranoyama) No scale indicated anywhere that I can see in the page, but judging by the hand it seems we are talking about 1/8. The parts seem to break in a fairly well arrange that will facilitate the painting job. I notice the back hair is particularly broken down into at least 6 pieces. When put together they seem to bring a fabulous display of my beloved dynamism (the art of showing movement in the static piece).

 The only thing that I see that breaks the imagination of this piece is the actual support for display. I never like those custom stand-pole-like supports that some figures tend to have (like the figma) because it kinda is there to remind me that I'm looking at a static object. Of course, the modeler can certainly do something about it, and that is just a minor detail.

 This kit is confirmed for the TF for 6,000yens, and I must say that it is quite a good price. There are other works from Moguranoyama, so please follow the link to check them out.

 I hope to bring some other Kit News a little bit later today. Stay tuned!

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