Saturday, May 1, 2010

[Kit News]: To Heart 2 - Kouno Harumi by Kaguyahime

Hi! Josh here. More kits to come on the upcoming TF. This time the spotlight belongs to a character from the legendary To Heart multimedia universe.

Though I have never been a follower of To Heart in any of the their releases or seasons, even I can't ignore it's existence. Every time I pass through some place even slightly anime-related, there is a high possiblity to find any form of merchandise with the To Heart image here and there. Now, I don't presume to know it all about the Japanese pop-culture, but it is my observation that To Heart (along with other works like Clannad) became pretty much the standard for Japanese school-romance-sliceoflife-harem-comedy setting in several other animations nowadays. Personally, my first discovery of it was actually as a reference in the first animation of Comic Party. When an anime references another anime, it kinda tells that they want to be just as popular as what they are referencing (or that they are made by the same company, I dunno).

Anyway, back on track, there's a thousand figures of To Heart out there (as there's a bazillion and a half of Asuka and Rei) to choose or should I say "gotta catch'em all", but I noticed that they are aggressively centered in what I presume are the two main female characters, Yuzuhara Konomi and Kousaka Tamaki. Oh, and in there school uniforms of course.

In this case, it caught my attention a certain WIP from the guys at かぐや姫 (Kaguyahime) some weeks ago, and because it wasn't any of the characters mentioned (and wasn't wearing a school uniform) before I couldn't related to To Heart at first sight. Needless to say, I was interested at the very moment. 

Here we have an interpretation of Kouno Harumi, a character from the Another Days OVA (if Wikipedia is to be believed). Her portrait is represented this time in a "Miko" outfit in a simple, but graceful, standing pose. The outfit is almost accurate to a miko, leaving the ribbon a little more stylish. The expression somehow transmits a certain air of innocence. And the details are kept subtle and sharp to convey in a well executed piece. 

The scale is 1/7, no photos to show the break down of the pieces are available. The listed price is 7,800yens (another very good affordable kit) and I'm kinda looking forward to see this kit in a few days. There are more works concerning "Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha" in their website, so please go check them. 

See you soon with more kit news!

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