Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Kit News]: Macademi Wasshoi! - Falcé the Variablewand by Simakaze

Hi! Josh here. From the light novel and animation series that combines lots and lots of parodies of a combination between anime cliché and otaku culture, here comes a very unexpected, but none the less welcome, resin kit.

It's not easy to find certain works that tend to go a little away from the very traditional (or should I say, "safe"?) way of bet of most dealers to venture in the release of other than the ultra-popular hits and characters that are pretty well supported by the otaku market. There will be from time to time some variation, though, and that is pretty much welcome. This entry's subject is an example of that. Here we have one of the very first solid portraits of Falcé the Variablewand from Macademi Wasshoi!.

An image of the subject, Falcé the Variablewand for reference. 
Not necessarily the one used to sculpt the figure.

Brought to us by simakaze, this kit of Falcé features a simple standing pose that executes an excellent dynamism and grace to the viewer. I can infer by the background that this kit is at 1/8 scale. No other images of the completed piece have been published yet, but they have confirmed its presence in the upcoming TF. The listed price for the kit will be 8,000yens, and seeing that many kits are being listed at less than the usual 10,000yens or more really gives me hopes to acquire some of this kits.

There some other kits coming!!

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