Saturday, May 8, 2010

TREASURE FESTA in Ariake 3 - Report - Part 01

Hi everyone! Josh here. It's finally Saturday here in Japan. And while TF was this past Tuesday, I was really busy after I returned to Nagaoka to even think on how to build-up this report. Many interesting things to see, and buy, at Tokyo Big sight. So, I would like to present you a photo report about it.

Treasure Festa, as you may already know, is a Garage Kit Dealer's display event that has been active since very recently. Ariake is located in the artificial island of Odaiba in the overall area that is known as Tokyo. Last TF in Ariake was celebrated in October 2009 in the halls of the International Exhibition Center of Tokyo, also known as Tokyo Big Sight; a place where many different events take place during the year and attracts thousands and thousands of people just as the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba. Curiously enough, this past Tuesday at least of two events where taking place at the same time. One it's called the "Dolls Party", an event related to Volks which exhibits works in the art of dolls as crafts and collector's items, and another one related to manga or a magazine that I couldn't take a good look of its name.

Needless to say, from very early in the morning a big crowd was awaiting the grand opening at 10:00am. Personally, I took a midnight bus from Nagaoka to Shinjuku Station the previous night, arrived more or less at 5:40am to Shinjuku to take a train to Shinbashi Station, then take another train to The International Exhibition Center. I was around 6:45am when I finally reached my destination, but just to noticed that the line had already begun since I don't know when. Nevertheless, let me talk about a little about "making lines" in Japan. Usually in the west, whenever has you wait in a line you have to be in the line the whole time or else you loose to place almost immediately effective after even for a few meters. In Japan the case is a little more "flexible". Since we are waiting for more than 3 hours, at least we are inside the facilities of the convention center, and whenever you need to leave for a little bit (cashier machine, convenience store, or toilet), you can always return to the spot you were and nobody will say anything. Though, I'm not sure if this is particular of "otaku culture", it is important also to point out that the abuse of this (say, you leave for a whole lot of time, or you're actually skipping in the line) is not well received either.

So, last time in Plamo TEC I tried to give a detailed personal tour around the winter Wonder Festival of this year in a five-parter. However, for the sake of going straight to the point, I'll present the photos I took with the names of the dealers and later I'll make some Kit Reviews from what I bought and try to incorporate there some of my comments about the works that I saw. So, without making you wait any longer, here we go.

Dealer: 夢現郷ベーコン (Mugenkyou Bacon)

Dealer: 飛山商店 (Tobiyama Shouten)

Dealer: サイレントマイノリティ (Silent Minority)

Dealer: アウトプット(にゃん仏堂) (output - Nyanbutsudou)

Dealer: 林檎連盟 (Ringo Renmei)

Dealer: 佐藤君8号 (Fijisa-kun 8gou)

 Dealer: 嬲ってください (Nabutte Kudasai)

Dealer:  Mフィールド (Mr. Field)


 Dealer: あすぱらカフェ (Asubara Cafe)

Dealer: アーク倶楽部 (Arc Kurabu)


Dealer: ぷるるん亭 (Bururun Ryou)


Dealer: アンティークハート (Antique Hat)

 More to come...

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