Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Model Kit]: 1/100 MG ZGMF X10-A Freedom

Hi Josh here. OK, first things first, I really haven't made too much time yet in order to actually do stuff, but I just happened to rediscover one of my old kits, which I just happened to bring with me in the flight to Narita. It's the Zero Gravity Mobile Fighter X10-A Freedom from the series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. This unit becomes one of the main mechas at the second half of the series.

Right now I can't remember in what year a made this, but I remember one thing for sure, I did won a First Place Prize for it at the La Silla Club de Modelismo (never had a website, I guess). It was on the category "The Future Warriors" and I got an elegant mounted glass plate (though I didn't brought that one with me).

Even though I don't consider myself an expert of any sort, this is not the first time I have been recognized for my work back in my home town. I remember I have also been awarded for an AV-98 Ingram from the series Patlabor. BANDAI is a Japanese company well known today to bring to life many of the mechas of Japanese animation series of all times. I have had the opportunity to build several kits from their Master Grade (MG) line in the past, and I still a few waiting completion someday when I return home.

These MG kits have a great amount of details here and there. I must say that the technology that BANDAI uses in the design of these kits has been evolving and improvement greatly during the years. Fortunately for me, this kit was pretty detailed at its time. The body can be posed infinite combinations with the flexibility to move arms, legs and even the torso. The parts come full in color, but I'm a modeler and there's no single part in this work that I haven't painted. As an extra touch I bought a set of water slide decals for all the markings, which enhances the detail in a very satisfactory way.

I bought this kit from HobbyLink Japan and I think is still available. Beginner modelers may find it easy to just assemble, however, only by paint and detail will one be able to take the most out of this particular piece.

I brought this kit with me because I liked building it a lot, and I like it even more in its finished state. Just like this one, I hope to bring you the report of more finished works in the future. See ya!

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