Sunday, May 2, 2010

[Kit News]: Bakemonogatari - Hanekawa Tsubasa by T's System

Hi! Josh here. Some new photos of one of T's System's (odd double possessive form) latest offers. From one of the most interesting shows/slide-presentation having aired out lately, here comes a compellingly looking kit of one of the main character's during the "Tsubasa Neko" arc.  

Bakemonogatari is one of those anime shows that can be pretty much a "hit or miss" experience in terms of how the plot is shown and develops; but rather more I think mostly because of the reasons you watch it. Based on a series of light novels, I think it tries to do something slightly in the line of older shows like "Gegege no kitaro" in terms of basing it premise around Japanese folklore, and more particularly in the legends and superstition of the "obake"; although it kinda doesn't get that much deep in as the afore mentioned show. I think it gets more in the lines of a quasi-school setting, with notorious tendency to harem (or love polygon), with references to the obake and one of those subtle but actually pretty interesting and detailed portraits of what like to call "real spots in Japan". What I mean is the presentation of actual architecture such as apartments, houses, electricity posts, etc., that makes me feel that the animators are also putting some attention in the environments. Needless to say, they can also be sometimes very cheap by cutting some seconds of animation to present literally a red/black/green screen with text or some downgraded scribbles while you can still hear the voices. I don't know, maybe it's "cost-effective" considering what I heard recently about how is the actual wage for animators these days.

So, T's System is releasing a cute (I'll try not rely on that word too much) representation of one of the main heroines in one of the story's different arcs. No break down of the pieces is shown, and actually not too much information either. However, T's System is one of those dealers that has quite a reputation in these events, so I can almost for sure expect a masterpiece. This portrait is a good example, the character looks closely accurate to the source material, the standing and posing seem and feel in-character also, my beloved dynamism is always present in most of this dealer's works and this time is no exception. I can easily infer that the scale is 1/6, judging by previous works, and even though there's no listed price yet, my money is put in that it will be something between 10,000 and 15,000yens. And you know what? BUY! I'll try to get at least one. 

 Another of the heroines, Sengoku Nadeko, will also make an appearance as another of T's System's (again the odd double possessive) new works this Treasure Festa. So I invite you to pay them a visit at their site and see the photos (scroll down the Top page to see them all). 

 The great day is almost here, and I have to prepare my flash trip to Tokyo. See you next time with the report of TF in Ariake 3!

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