Thursday, April 15, 2010

You can now add your comments in each Post! :D

Hi! Josh here. Just recently I noticed that, because I was using a custom template to create the weblog, no one could actually post comments due to something missing in the code or something  like that. Now, I'm no programing expert, but thanks to the guys that run blogger I was able to use one of their templates with comments input enabled. I'm still thinking on adding a few more personal touches here and there, but I hope you like the blogs new look.

Regarding comments, I would appreciate very much your feedback in the future. Also I would like to hear your ideas or know about similar works in scale modeling, figures and/or art in general, and maybe have friendly discussions about those topics. At the same time, I would like to request from you to conduct yourselves with respect and maturity in order to avoid trolls and/or spammers.  

So, looking forward for your comments. See you then.

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