Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Kit News]: Digimon - Omegamon Full Action Kit by Yamataikoku no Oka

Hi! Josh here. The Treasure Festa officials have recently published a full list of the participating dealers to this upcoming event. Most of them have links to there blogs/websites so I'm right now looking for some good stuff to share with you all (and building up my wish list). So I think I'll make some "Kit News" posts in the next days before the event.

This time the spot light comes to 山泰国の丘 (Yamataikoku no Oka); which probably implies that they come from thailand or something related to the country judging by the Kanji's in the name. Anyway, this dealer circle is preparing something quite interesting for the event. From the Digimon franchise, they present us with the latest update in a full action resin kit of Omegamon.

Frankly, I'm not sure from which iteration of Digimon this guy comes from. My favorite season was and will always be Digimon Tamers, but I'm sure he isn't from there. After Tamers I really disconnected myself from the whole "Digiuniverse", so I have no clue right now. The only thing I'm sure is that I have seen this Digimon in a clip of one of the very first movies back when Digimon was starting (I think he was called "Omnimon" or something like that).

Judging by the pictures, yamataikoku has put a great effort in developing a full possible kit that not only looks nice, but can be placed in some really cool poses thanks to the magic of custom joints (never build full action models without them ; 3 ). The kit features Omegamon with a canon at this right hand and a sword at his left hand, both integrated to his arms. Also, a fixed molded cape which can be lifted in different angles to enhance the looking of the "battle poses". No scale specified, but looking at the hand in the pictures (an adult male hand, I presume) it seems it will be something between 15 and 20cm in a very wild guess of mine. This is definitely not a toy for kids, that's for sure.

The listed price for this piece will be 10,000yens. Very fair in the lines of a great deal considering the incredible amounts of articulation and the even great possibilities of posing. I'm really not too much into "full action" kits yet, but recently I have look to some very nice kits here and there and I think I'll might give it a shot. 

Stay tuned for more kit news to come before the TF next week! : D


  1. Great post.. Love Omnimon/Omegamon Model.. Btw.. Omegamon was from the first Season of Digimon which is is the best digimon of the season. DigiTamers is the Third Seaon.

    1. technically... he is from movie which takes place after 1st season before 2nd and then after 1st and 2nd season. so id say hes 2nd season.

  2. weird, I already search it and I cannot find where I can buy it?
    can you give info where is I can buy it.
    btw it is not normal omegamon but it is omegamon X (you can view it at movie digimon x-evolution)