Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[Kit News]: Xenosaga III - MOMO by Framework

Hi! Josh here. I would like to dedicate a little section to bring some news about future kits and figures to be released in coming events here in Japan. While most people are doing this too all over the Internet, I cannot help but to notice that some Artists still need a little more diffusion. Very especially among non-Japanese speakers. 

Anyway, today's spotlight of attention comes to Framework, the circle who brought us the Akari Himuro (from Night Wizard!) figure for the first WF of the year 2010. Now they seem to be working in some projects involving the Xenosaga series of games. The following picture shows the work-in-progress of a new figure representing M.O.M.O., one of the main characters, as she appears in the last installment of the series. 

The comments indicate to check for updates, and that most probably this kit will be present in the WF of summer in the month of July. And personally, I'm looking forward to see this figure completed. While there are no comments on the scale, it is my inference that it will be non-scale as the previous kit of Akari (which seems will be available also in summer time!).

The link to Framework's web diary is available in the Links section. If one access their page and goes to the link beneath "board", you will find some photos and comments (in Japanese) which reveal the progress of a KOS-MOS ver. 3 figure as she appears on the third episode of the game series. I'll fill for any news about the completion of these works, so I invite you to stay tuned.