Saturday, May 8, 2010

TREASURE FESTA in Ariake 3 - Report - Part 03

Hi! Josh here. This is the final entry of the TF in Ariake 3 photo report. Lots of dealers, lots of figures and kits, so little time (and camera skills -____-), but I hope you like it so here we go. 

Dealer: T's system




 Dealer: アビリオット (Abiliot)

Dealer: 工房金竜 (Koubou Kinryuu)

Dealer: ヒロイン工房たんぽぽ (Heroine Koubou Tanpopo)

 Dealer: ちぇりーBOY’S (Cherry Boy's)


Dealer: チェリーブロッサム (Cherry Blossom)




Dealer: Funny Bunny


Dealer: スペックゼロ (SpecZero)


 Dealer: CARREY 野良ネコ同盟 (Carrey-Nora NeKo Doumei)


Dealer:  帝國模型 (Teikoku Mokei - "Simakaze")


Dealer: びーふる (Be Full)


Dealer: 山泰国 (Yamataikoku)

Dealer: 世界龍 (Sekairyuu)


Dealer: 硫黄泉 (Iousen)




 Dealer: 木神工房 (Kishin Koubou)


Dealer: ファニバニ (Fanibani or Funny Bunny)




And of course, we got the participation of Griffon for the PVC department in some new upcoming lines with lots of flavors.

A charity auction for "Peace Earth" took place. Bidders could get the chance to grasp some nice items expertly craft by Griffon Enterprises.

The items to bid were the following: 


Some examples of the Full-action line that has been very popularize lately by other lines like Figma and Revoltech. In Griffon's case, they denominate it "Figyutto!" (I have no idea how to romanize that well).  

Tohou Project remains as one of the strongest themes in this particular event.

  A more varied lined. However, Queen's Blade has recently established itself as a major theme for new lines of PVC figures. Even to the extend of release more the one color option for the customers to choose from (or should I say, Gotta Chatch'em All!).

Upcoming goods for the PVC line. Some of them already accepting pre-orders. It's difficult to tell right now, but I infer orders will remain Japanese exclusive, so interest buyers overseas would have to require the aid of importer dealers. I personally don't follow the PVC's so much, so it's my wild guess.


 So, this is basically all have from this past Treasure Festa. I did pick up some "souvenirs" in the process of taking these photos. I would try to places some entries with Kit reviews to talk about the work of some of the dealers and in general about kits you get from this events. 

 Please stay tuned for future comments about the event and feel free to leave comments. See you!

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