Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Kit News]: K-On! - Hirasawa Ui by Yamanekotei

Hi! Josh here. The search for new and interesting works of those least well-known artist and subjects continues as the Treasure Festa is at a week minus one day to start. In this entry's spotlight, we have some prototype shots from one of most popular animation series of the time.

As I tried to implied since the very first "Kits News" post in MetaRealia, I would like to dedicate this space to the search of less well-known artist which I consider are doing a very good job in bringing to 3D the 2D awesomeness of various characters. This time, let's have a look to 山猫亭 (Yamanekotei) NekoHouse lattest work, Hirasawa Ui from the Manga and Anime series K-On!

The subject of this present sculpture. Hirasawa Ui is a secondary character in K-On! 
and the younger sister of one of the protagonists (but you may already know all that by now).

Anyone who has been remotely connected to Japanese animation recently cannot avoid to notice that K-On! has become one of those phenomena that floods the media with all kind of profitable ideas given by the producers and creators of this materials. In other words, people seem to love K-On! (though the reasons for that might be a matter of debate) and the industry is more than eager to bring K-On! to the its market. This is what some might called out there just plain "evil-genius".

Anyway, from all the massive avalanche of K-On! (considering it here as a product), I kind of noticed that it is starting to suffer from what I like to call the "Evangelion Figure Syndrome" in the modeling department. What I mean is that if I want a figure/kit of K-On! the most probable thing is that their would a bunch to "choose" from, but 95% of those would be Hirasawa Yui  and Akiyama Mio (probably the first you will find if you google for K-On! figures =L ). You have to admit, that the same thing has been happening since like 1996 with Asuka and Rei from Evangelion.

That's right, it sometimes seems that artists tend to be very creative, but very little imaginative. So, I think that if I were to choose kits from K-On! on this TF I think I would go for the best there is of Yui, the best from Mio, and then I'd just want something different. Fortunately, the guys from NekoHouse also saw this so it seems that they are taking matters into what I think is a fabulous work in design and execution.

Even though she's a secondary character in the series, Ui (Yui's not-twin-at-all-little-sister) is portrayed here in a very in-character casual pose. The elements such as the frying pan and apron describe very well the character, and the added movement contributes to the whole dynamism of the piece.

No scale or price have been confirmed yet, since it seems that they have just recently finished the master and are working now in the production. NekoHouse comments that in a worst-case-scenario they might have to push her release to maybe a latter event. Personally, I hope they are able to make it without rush and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

Some other artist are updating there blog's recently. I hope to bring you more Kit News very soon. Stay tuned for them!

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