Saturday, April 22, 2017

How much clay do you need to make a 1/8th Scale Figure

Hi, Josh here.

As the title implies, I have asked a couple of times "How much material is usually needed to make a 1/8th Scale Figure?"

Well, the answer for that might actually depend on how complex such a figure might be. However, if we where to talk about a 1/8th 1.72m tall (21.5cm) busty onee-san bishoujo figure like Rias Gremory (Oh, and with her wings of course) in a skimpy swimsuit (and maybe a straw hat on her head), I would say that one block of Paper Clay would be more than enough and probably you'll just use a little bit more than half a block.
Rias Gremory, for reference. Not the actual pose and swimsuit intended for the figure.

I'm currently (and slowly) working on this one, with no due date to completion. But here is a photo for size comparison with a F.A.Girl (so you may understand in I'm also working currently), :)

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